What are your hours of operation and contact information?

Our normal hours of operation for Sales and Customer Care are:

Monday          8AM–7PM

Tuesday          8AM–7PM

​​Wednesday   8AM–7PM

Thursday        8AM–7PM

Friday             8AM–7PM

Saturday         8AM–2PM

Sunday            Closed

Sales/Customer Care: +961 76 337 334

Sales/Customer Care email: info@ziadehgroup.com


Is it necessary to have an email address to complete my order on your website?

Yes. An email address is required as it will allow us to send your order confirmation and any important information regarding your order directly to you.


Could you help me find the right tire size for my vehicle?

We can guide you to finding the correct tire size if you don’t already know what it is. We can only direct you to the factory standard sizes, though, and won’t be able to help with aftermarket rims.

If you (or a possible previous owner of your vehicle) haven’t changed your rims after purchasing the vehicle then you shouldn’t have to worry! Check out our Tire Buying Guide for more helpful information on how to find the right size and type of tire for you!

Are the prices listed on your site negotiable?

No, sorry. We work hard to offer the very best prices we can on all our tires. Additionally, you'll find regular sales where tires are offered at a discounted price!

All prices listed on our site are non-negotiable.

What are my payment options?

We accept Cash on Delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

We’re sorry to hear you need to cancel your order! While the order is still processing, you can cancel the order yourself by signing in with your account - or, please contact any of our customer care specialists.